Lear Jet 31A in flightN90VJ – Learjet 31A features:

  • up to 8 passengers
  • 51,000 ft max
  • 530 mph (460 kts / .80 Mach)
  • 1400 mile range (1250 nm)
  • 2100 lb payload (passengers & baggage)

Designed with speed in mind, the Learjet 31/31A is known as the “Porsche of the Sky,” with the capability to climb quickly to high altitude cruise and reach speeds up to .81 Mach. Great runway performance and lower fuel burn make it a superb candidate for fast and efficient private jet travel.

Lear Jet 31A on runway

Lear Jet 31A parked in hanger

Interior of the Lear Jet 31A