N878CS – Learjet 60 features:Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 5.55.36 AM

  • up to 8 passengers
  • 51,000 ft max
  • 520 mph (450 kts / .79 Mach)
  • 2500 mile range (2250 nm)
  • 2100 lb payload (passengers & baggage)

Designed for a niche market, Learjets climb quickly to high cruise levels, have fast cruise speeds, operate economically, and are reliable. The Learjet 60 more than lives up to these expectations, and boasts the largest cabin in the Learjet line. Able to comfortably hold 7-8 passengers, the cabin has space where it counts – specifically, elbow room. Key amenities like fold-out work tables, microwave, coffee maker, and full lavatory make it a luxury ride.

The strongest feature of the Learjet 60 is its cruise performance.  It can climb to its normal cruise level of 43,000 feet in less than 14 minutes when loaded to its maximum takeoff weight, and has a transcontinental range of 2,500 miles (2250 nautical miles) when carrying six or seven passengers.Learjet60_interior