N234VV – Piaggio 180 AvantiScreen Shot 2022-06-17 at 6.44.34 AM

  • up to 6 passengers
  • 1300 lb payload (350 lbs max baggage)
  • 1500 mile range (1300 nm)
  • 415 mph (360 kts)

The P180 Avanti combines elegant Italian styling and craftsmanship, a comfortable cabin, and remarkable speed and range to make it the premier turboprop aircraft in its class.

With its canard wing design and engines mounted aft of the fuselage in a pusher configuration, the it also boasts a remarkably quiet cabin environment and emissions that are up to 40% lower than its equivalent competitors in the jet category.

Piaggio Avanti II - Golf Hotel WhiskeyPiaggio-avanti-int