Venture Jets, Inc. follows a strict series of safety measures alongside the continued use of our stringently designed operation specifications, strict drug programs, and various other certifications. We currently work with the Aircraft Safety Group’s IS-BAO system. IS-BAO, otherwise known as the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations, is a system designed to manage safety and act as an operating standard for flight departments, private jet charters, and corporate jet charters across the globe.

Venture Jets utilizes the IS-BAO safety audit and evaluation services in order to ensure that our personal operations specification system is in keeping with international safety and operations standards. The IS-BAO safety audit and evaluation measures safety levels and the potential for risk that occurs during our day-to-day operations. Each company evaluated by the IS-BAO safety audits is given a safety ranking. We currently hold one of the top safety rankings possible with the IS-BAO Safety Management System.

Our company offers you personalized service, care, and attention while operating at one of the highest levels of safety. Fly safe. Fly Venture Jets.